class 4/26

So, I got more help from the teacher on getting my things placed right. I got my schedule made as links, my social media icons re aligned, and my header fixed.After that, She we were told to go and add in all the other things, like the other pages, links, slide shows, etc.


class 4/17

For class today, So we went over the beginning of our projects. Mine needed a lot of work. It was just the basics. After getting some help on how to get my images to do what I want them to, we were told to code the rest of the site, but not things like a slideshow or anything that fancy yet.

class 4/12

We revised each others new design comps and the little things that needed to be improved. After that, and some fixing of our slices, we finally began to start our sites coding. We’re only getting the basic layout of the page though, but it’s a start.

Class 4/5

I completed my design comp for my final project, and got great feedback on it from the class on how to improve it and make it less busy. After that, we were told to revise and then slice the key parts that need to be included.

class 3/29

today in class, we discussed our style tiles for our final project website. I was given the advice to research other club sports sites instead of varsity sites. also to only have one header font (since I forgot to pick a final one out of the two). After that, we worked on design comp. We were given a example to follow and do as our teacher had to get a feel for it, then we were told to go and start our own for our own projects.

class 3/22

Today for class, we split into small groups and did a critique on our latest websites. After that, we discussed how to code things to suite different screens and devices. after we spend awhile talking about it, we were given the rest of class to correct any coding mistakes on our sites, and then add in the new codes for suiting different monitors and devices.

class 3/8

For this class, we went over our latest websites for out=r seven deadly sins. After that, we discussed the revisions and different ways to make the site more appealing. Then we discussed project 3, redesigning another site or creating one basically. I either want to redo my fathers website for his custom appeal shop or make one for my club lacrosse team.

Class 3/1

For this class, we did the final critiques on our Facebook ad banners. After that, we discussed our seven deadly sins project and what we will be doing for them, creating the site and learning new ways to add more style to the site.

class 2/16

For class this day, we went over what all needed edited on our banners. Then we discussed ad banners. we discussed how they work and he restrictions with the typography. Then we discussed how we have to specify in web how we want it to look specifically otherwise the browser will interpenetrate it however it likes.

Class 2/9/2016

So this week for class, we discussed our samples of our Facebook banners for the Wheeler Farm. Went pretty well all in all. Then we just disscussed coding  a little and what needs to be done for uploading stuff to out school site.